Accept and Celebrate the New


"How do we survive a sickness and achieve healing? How do we gain wisdom and grow from our immaturity? How are we ever going to rise from our poverty into abundance? From brokenness into wholeness? From darkness to light? From death to eternal life?"


-Jocelyn Soriano


Life Transitions

What is transition anyways? How do we survive difficult transitions in our life?

Life transitions is just another term for change. We all need to change and adapt and grow, or we die. All women develop coping mechanisms for managing the inevitable change that is part of being human on this earth. But in order to make use of the curve balls life throws us, the best transitions occur when we can do more than just cope. Great coaching can help you come to terms with leaving parts of yourself behind and starting over.

Life transitions can be fun, scary, or somewhere in between. They come in many forms. The easiest transitions are those in which we exercise the power of choice -when those choices are guided by sound scriptural principles.

Women Mentoring Women provides the Biblically-based coaching you need to be able to exercise the power of choice in managing your life transitions. Don't let "things happen" to you - make them happen - the way you want them.


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